I have created a new website for Esmé van den Boom. She became the City Poet of Groningen in 2024. Below you can see how I proceeded in creating the website, from sketches to Mid-fi's to High-fi's.
Low-fi Wireframes
To start, I had a conversation with her about what content should be included on the website itself. From this, the elements visible on the right-hand side emerged. Based on this, I began sketching wireframes for the key pages. The points you don't see in the basics are things that have been incorporated into all pages or have been combined with one of the major pages.

Mid-fi Wireframes
Next, I translated these wireframes into mid-fidelity designs in Figma. This gives you an idea of how it would look digitally, without content. Then, I showed these to her. Based on this, we made a few minor adjustments, which I then applied.
High-fi Wireframes
Finally, this resulted in the finished product. It was created in Wix, allowing her to easily update the content as needed.

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